13 October 2006

Lost S3 E2 - The Glass Ballerina

Let me start this entry by saying out loud: Trixiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee! I cannnot imagine I have missed this girl from Deadwood! But on Lost, as Connie, one of The Others, her appearance might be short-lived --- Sun shot her! And if my mind had a pop-up window, at that moment, it would have to be popping up images of Sun in Shiri. Anyway, it's odd to see Trixie/Connie's character talking so....sanitized. If this were Deadwood, she would have been ranting expletives at 100 mph by now!

Anyway, today on Lost we find that Benjamin Linus (aka Henry) believes in what Homer Simpson believes: The answer to life's problems aren't at the bottom of a bottle, they're on TV! Hehehe.... Ben was finally prepared to reveal a couple of secrets to Jack. Ben had someone bring in the TV for that and I was anticipating a major reveal, just like Jack. Seeing that this is just the second episode, was everyone thinking we'll all get real answers? Ekkkk!
The secret Ben revealed had nothing to do with the island nor their predicament. It had to do with the Red Sox winning the series in 2004. And here I was thinking on the edge of my seat, also waiting for answers....and all I got was a flashback to sports history. Until I realized, there is a significance to all of that, the moment was poignant, there is a purpose. And now it leaves me wondering what and why. At more than one instance in past seasons of Lost, Jack and his father have mentioned something about the Red Sox never having won for a long time. Of all the news that Ben had to show from the outside world, he showed Jack this. The look on Jack's face was priceless. There's a significance there somewhere and it all relates to the relationship of the dad and the son.

Also in this episode, we discover that Sun lies to her father a lot (okay not a lot, just two times...). As a child, Daddy discovers she broke the glass ballerina, even when she said the maid did it. (That glass ballerina was probably expensive or Daddy wouldn't have a fit...but I have a similar one like it and it was bought cheap at SM! LOL!) As an adult, Daddy discovers she's sleeping with someone other than her husband. Despite what some people may think about Sun being one of those with a less significant character or role in the story (and therefore has to go), I like her. I like her story and I am eager to learn more about it. Everytime Lost takes Sun's story as the main story (Sun-centric, as they would say), I always end up liking it. So --- yey for this episode!

Double yey!!! for this one: