16 October 2006

Ugly Betty

This show has been remade in at least nine different countries, and I have not seen a single version, save for this one: the Americans' take on Y Soy Betty La Fea or what millions of people (if we go by the ratings) now know as Ugly Betty. I caught up with this show this morning and saw its first three episodes in succession. So how was it?

For starters, I think this show is overrated. Don't get me wrong, I intend to watch this show some more (more on why later). I just didn't think it was that outstanding. I'd liken this show to a bunny ---- adorable. Not a lot of people will be turned off by bunnies, the way they are, all nice and cute. But there would be some people who would rather see cuteness in white wolves.

The pilot episode was very predictable. You know what to expect in the end - Betty was going to save the magazine's agreement with a big advertiser; or you know the pretty receptionist was going to be bitchy; or that Betty's jerk-of-a-boss was going to have her back after she quit. It felt like a week in the life of Andy from The Devil Wears Prada. I know that that has been said quite a lot, and the reason why it's said that is because IT IS like watching TDWP.

However, as I mentioned, I intend to watch this show some more. Why? Admittedly, I am one of those people who would probably say white wolves are cute. I am one of those that know they could be dangerous but if I could bring one home to be my pet? Sure, I would! The bunnies? There will be no burning desire for me to bring one home as a pet. However, if asked to watch over it for a few minutes? I guess I would be fine with it. I might not have a lot of fun doing it, but I would be very sure, I won't stand to lose a finger when I pet them.

As a TV show, Ugly Betty doesn't hold up to the likes of Prison Break, Lost, House or the closest in its category, Grey's Anatomy (closest being a drama/comedy show.... that makes me wanna sometimes throw something at the TV set because there are characters that just make my blood boil!) Ugly Betty is super light, it's whimsical, it's fun, it's corny, it's sappy....it's just not that great. It's just you sitting there, watching a show...and there are days when I need to feel these. Betty is a break from watching too much of those adrenalin pumping, emotion inducing, or brain frying shows I normally like to tune to. Watching TV shows can sometimes stress me out and here is something that comes as a form of relief.


This is a shot from Ugly Betty. Upon close examination I find that how this photo appears is really familiar to me. I'm thinking and I'm thinking and I'm thinking and then I realize why.... Haha! This is me on days when I'm harassed. This is also my have -not -taken -a -bath -nor -combed -my -hair -coz- I'm -not -going -out -and -am -just -gonna -watch -tv -all -day look! Darn, I am an Ugly Betty!

Save for the braces (which I do not have), I realize that maaaaan, I've gotta get my brows done!


Anyhoo...where have I seen them? Ashley Jensen and Lucy Davis:

Ashley plays Christina, one of Betty's friend, a costume.... consultant (is it?? or care-taker? I don't know what her title is!) for Mode Magazine. Lucy, whom I've also made an entry for the other day, is the Fashion TV host for this show.

Two fascinating British Actors from two shows I like a lot, now playing supporting characters on American TV: Extras (Ashley) & The Office UK (Lucy)

And finally.... empanadas?

One word: YUMMY!!!