15 October 2006

Finally, am going to try watching Smallville..NOT

Had a party today, baby boy turned 9 and I'm so beat. My legs hurt. I think I did not sit down for hours. My baby boy's not a baby anymore, he's about 4 to 6 inches short of towering over me. Time flies so fast.... :(

Tonight I will take a moment to unwind and watch DVDs of Smallville.

This was a show that could not hold my interest for the longest time. I have tried watching this the very first time it aired in 2004 (?) and that pilot was the first and last episode I saw.

But now, thanks to my brother who so kindly lent me his sets, I'm about to check the show and see what the buzz is for myself.

So, fly away I go. See you in a bit.


Update: 9:35 PM

I failed to jump the Smallville wagon tonight, or fly into it...whatever. Instead, I decided to check out Brothers & Sisters with Calista Flockhart (Ally McBeal)...what can I say? ----> *weep*

From Season 1 Episode 1 - Patriarchy, this was the best scene for me:

Mom (Sally Field): You want my opinion if you should be marrying a man I don't even know
Kitty (Calista Flockhart): Well it was your choice... you were the one who virtually refused to be in my life for three years, who barely spoke....and I know it's because I unforgivably gave my opinion about Justin ---
Mom: Not refused. Couldn't....... I was afraid of the things I didn't want to say
Kitty: Well let's just say it...that I sent Justin to war, that I put him in the frontlines, that's reductive, that's ridiculous!
Mom: He trusted you. He asked you! And you said to him ---
Kitty: I would tell him the same thing today. I would tell him that I was proud of him. I was there... I was right there. I was in New York, I was six blocks away from where the towers fell ---
Mom: I know where you were! Kitty, for godssakes you're my child, I was terrified for you. I was on the phone with you, and then I was terrified for him, day after day after day...you have no idea what it's like for a mother, you have no idea. And then you don't think about that when you go on the air and you sell your views. And now you're going to be doing it on national television. Oh, Kitty that's just great...really great.
Kitty: No mom. This is not just about my politics. Tommy and Dad think the same things I do and you've managed to reconcile forty years of loving somebody who fundamentally disagrees with you..... but you can't love me. And I don't know what it's about. But it's not about the war.


And then the Dad dies on the pilot episode, at the end.

And then the secrets come out.

I think this will be on my watchlist now. This and Ugly Betty.

And I am bumping two shows out:
  • goodbye Survivor, it's the same thing all over again. Nakakapagod
  • goodbye Philippine Idol, they voted out the best and most unique singer in the batch.

    I think I'll watch Smallville on Saturday nights now, to fill the spot I opened when I gave up on PI.