19 October 2006

Scenes from Brother and Sisters

Just for the record, I am not a fan of family drama. Falcon Crest, Dynasty, Knots Landing, Picket Fences --- these were the shows that allowed for my whole family (from my grandmother, my aunts and down to the youngest cousins) to gather in front of the TV and watch it all together. And me? I joined them too... but I was just there for the potato chips.

Unless it was that kind of family show which involved families plotting to kill another family (such as The Sopranos), I have little patience for sitting down and watching all the drama. I tuned out of Six Feet Under, a show that interestingly, parallels this one. But with Brothers and Sisters my views have changed for some reason. This show just moves me on so many levels.

I think part of the reason why I'm affected is because the actors are very effective. This show's main highlight is on superb acting (with Sally Field leading all of them). The actors deliver very well that you forget some of the plots can be old, unoriginal and too preachy.

Anyway, some scenes and dialogues from B & S:

A scene from Episode 3 - Affairs of the State

Kitty (Calista Flockhart) is out on a date (lost the bet) with her co-host, whom she doesn't have a high opinion of:

Kitty: [after snapping back at her date] Sorry....I find out today that my recently deceased father was a cheater and it's thrown me
Her Date: Wanna talk about it?
Kitty: To you? [laughs] And hear more about you're fiery diety?
Her Date: You don't have to, I was just offering
Kitty: I had a boyfriend who cheated on me once...in college. His name was Alex Sapien (? Bwahaha, don't name your kid Homo!). And when Toni Cavanaugh told me what he'd done, I went, I found him and I told him what I thought. I said, "The world is too fragile for people to be untrue. There's too much at stake, and life's too short for lies...and you're the worst kind of person in the world because you wasted my heart, my time"
Her Date: And what did he say?
Kitty: It doesn't matter what he said. What matters is I'm sitting here thinking the same thing about my dad. And I know it's so....silly. Because I'm a grown woman and I know that that's what men do. But he was my dad, and he's dead.[cries] And I can't kill him. And I can't ask him why...
Her Date: Kitty---
Kitty: What?! Am I sexy when I cry? What stupid thing are you gonna say?
Her Date: I was just gonna say that we don't love the people we love because they're perfect. We love the people we love because they are....even after they're gone.

And cut to next scene where they both got it on, hot and heavy. LOL!

Which is ironic since Kitty has a boyfriend who has offered her marriage!

A scene from Episode 2 - An Act Of Will

Kevin & Kitty, along with their Mom, bails their youngest brother, Justin out from jail.

Justin: [sarcastic]Thanks for bringing the whole family, my day wasn't that enough
Kevin: They were worried about you
Justin: Oh, and you had to do the right thing right? Coz Kevin always does the right thing but sleep with women (Kevin is gay)
Kitty: Justin, shut up for 10 seconds!
Kevin: If you didn't want my help, why did you ask?
Justin: Coz I was in jail, I figured I'd call the family lawyer, I mean that's what you are right?

Mother: If your father could see this behavior!
Justin: He'd what? Judge me? Tell me to get a job?
Mother: He'd be so disappointed!
Justin: Disappointed? Who the hell is he to be disappointed? He's the disappointment
Mother: What does that mean? [Justin is the first sibling to find out about Dad's affair]
Justin: Forget it...
Mother: Your father loved you more than anything in the world, you little spoiled brat!

Justin: You know what that means in this family? It means you suck, it means nothing you do will be good enough!
Kevin: Get in the car!
Mother: Oh, you ungrateful child! You don't care anyone but yourself, how did you get the way? [cries] You know what losing your father has done to me. And yet you take your life and throw it around like it was worthless....why???
Justin: I wish I was dead. Don't you understand that, I wish I died over there Mom!
Mother: Well you didn't die. And I'll be damned if I stand around and watch you kill yourself!
Kitty: Enough, enough Mom.

Wooooh. Someone give this woman an Emmy!

I heard a beautiful music from this show, a Don Henley original remade by a groovy band called Indie Arie. Please listen to Heart of The Matter: