20 October 2006

Lost S3 E3 - Further Instructions

Arrrgh. This episode was pretty weak. I never look forward to Locke flashbacks because the more they reveal about him, his character seems to grow weaker. In Season 1, he kicked ass. This time around, I don't know.

Desmond...he has developed superhero powers. Now, that should kick ass! He has prerecognition. He was able to tell what Locke was gonna say to the rest of the 40 stranded people in the island minutes before Locke even said it.

Best scene and best line:

Hurley to Desmond: Uh...the hatch....blew up your underwear?

Irony of the night (and Sheila this is for you!):

Charlie: Oh yeah, the TREES --I hear they're excellent conversationalists.

Yeah-uh...he should know, he's friends with Treebeard!

Other funny lines (Lost is a Drama, is it not? LOL!)

Hurley (after being told of the bears and he is walking by himself in the jungle and he heard a noise): Bear, is that you?

This one made my husband chuckle (though I did not get this right away, sat on my EQ/IQ kasi!):
Charlie to Locke: I'm supposed to stand watch in case you devolve into a monkey.

Don't mind me. I'm just amusing myself with this show. Because I'm completely lost on Lost now!