01 October 2006

The week that was - 9/24-9/30

The past week was a bad week.

On the work front, I experienced a loooot of delays. Without going into the boring details, let me just say that there were many opportunities wasted this week. Thanks to moods and mindsets (my own fault), customs delays and delays of natural causes (not my fault!).

Incidentally, for whatever reason, my download access seems to have also been delayed. Took me days to get one TV show...my connection is so slow. So, while I was prepared to watch my favorites one after the other, I had to sit and wait and wait and wait some more.

Nonetheless, nothing can stop a tv junkie, right? So here's what went on in my junkie life. [Cue VO of my mandatory: previously @ Mindy's...]

Season 3 Episode 6
Final Audition

Have you seen Simon Cowell smile? He looks demonic:

XFactor is an American Idol-like Singing Competition. Except here, judges are also made to compete with each other. Each judge is to handle 3 acts/talents. If one of their talents is in the bottom 2 or is booted out, it also means they lose the challenge.

This smile was the result of Simon winning it over another Judge Louie Walsh. Simon is going to handle singers between 16-25, Louie is taking charge of the group/bands, of which Simon last year failed at handling (he dissed his own ward!). None of them wanted to handle groups/bands this year. Sharon Osbourne, the other judge, is taking charge of the 25 and over singers.

Tonight is actually the start of boot camp for all who have successfully auditioned. Thoughts on that in my next entry.

The Amazing Race
Season 10 Episode 2
Can Horses Smell Fear?

I have failed to give this episode my full concentration when I was watching it. I was doing something else and didn't to get into the excitement. I will have to watch it one more time, as this was supposedly a good episode --- lots of cars breaking down, making the racers all stressed out and cranky (which in essence is what makes this race fun, seeing people disintegrate haha). Anyhow, the campy cheerleades were the next team out. And while I don't really like them (how old are they? 22? 25-26? What do they have got to cheer about, they're not in any college, I bet? They cheer about...life???) I feel sorry they got the boot...no I don't. I don't care at all.

Though, this season is a crop of likeable people, it's hard to pick one you want to hate with a passion.

Grey's Anatomy
Season 3 Episode 2
I Am A Tree

Okay, I wasn't too happy with the premiere episode the other week, where I felt that the writing wasn't in order. But this time....it's all good. Recap here.

I'm not all about Meredith. I actually like Addison's character even more. Her and McSteamy.

So, hooray for this one:

I'm reminded of a Friends moment. When the girls kept chanting: Drop the towel, drop the towel, drop the towel! And that's what was on my dirty mind!

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Season 1 Episode 2
The Cold Open

Recap here.

Did I mention I am in love with this show? But most people/critics say it seems to intellectual, it might not even last with the general viewing public. I get a Sports Night vibe to it when I watch it. Although, sadly, Sports Night was cancelled two seasons in....because the general viewing public didn't get it. Wahahaaaa.

For the love of good TV, I hope Studio 60 stays. And wins an Emmy. It is a genius work. Watch it, watch it, watch it!

For this episode --- the press conference to introduce Danny and Matt's return to Studio 60? Best dialogue? Quotable quotes?:

Reporter: You've both been gearing up for a movie, why would you abandon that to come back to television?
Matt: Danny and I feel we both grew up at Studio 60 and we were given a chance to come home ---
Danny: [cuts Matt] Ten days ago I tested positive for coccaine and the insurance company won't bond me until I had 18 months of clean tests, so I won't be directing movies for a couple of years...
[long pause, media gets into a frenzy]
Reporter: Did you say ---
Danny: I did and that is the last you'll hear me speak publicly about it...
Reporter: Jordan, did you know about this when you hired them?
Jordan: I can't remember, I was high at that time...

Hahahaha. That was good, was it not? This show has some spunk. Love it, love it, love it.

New Zealand Idol 2006

I decided to check this show out, for the sake of comparison against how our own Idol show holds up. My god! They have back up dancers on the show!!! And because of this, I couldn't concentrate on listening to the contestants. I just kept laughing. This is DAG with a capital D-A-G. I will have to choose bad singer over this at any time. I know performers will be asked to dance, on more than one instance in their careers. But on an Idol show? This was just something I was not prepared to see.

Australian Idol 2006
Theme: Number One Songs

Sure, Bobby Flynn's performance was a trainwreck. But you've got to have love for a man who takes it all in and humbles himself. He knows he did not do well but he's still appreciative. His bad performance though, is vocally 10x better than some other contestant's good night:

I think he blacked out because he was trying to be what he wasn't (based on what the movement teacher wanted him to be).

He's an enigma.

Prison Break
Season 2 Episode 6

This show is slowly losing me...and I don't wanna drop this one just yet. But I've seen this shot or premise before...It's getting repetitive and predictable and boring and ridiculous. Are the writers running out of story? Where's the excitement?

Survivor 13
Episode 3 Flirting and Frustration

Ha! So, the racial divide only lasted 2 episodes? They were in their race groups for a good ol' 7 days and Mark Burnett decides to merge them into two mix tribes. Meh. Boriiing. Dropping it, dropping it, dropping it.

Season 3 Episode 4
Lines in the Sand

Recap here. Best line/moment? House looking very drugged telling Cameron: You have pretty hair! (photo below)

That one made me laugh out loud. It was so cute.

And is it just me or is Cuddy sending out certain body languages? What doctor, in her position at that (she's like the director right?, sits with her legs raised up to the table, her panties almost peeking I bet? She did this more than once:

Don't get me wrong, I love Cuddy's character. I just see that there's something there the writers have attempted to explore (possible Cuddy + House relationship) but didn't. And it's been 3 years....feels like Grey's Anatomy's MerDer dance.

Anyhow....I have two more shows to finish to make up for the week that was. I have yet find time and watch The Office and My Name is Earl....

Ugh so little time!!!

Oh and yes, missed Philippine Idol last night? Here, I did a summary. Results tonight. Can't say who leaves because the performance isn't the indicator. We've got a weird voting public.