06 October 2006

What the F was that?

Darn, Lost. The season 3 premiere was F. What the hell was that?

- The OTHERS live in, what seems to be an underdeveloped Wisteria Lane?

- The OTHERS have an underwater facility

- And Sawyer...

No matter how HOT he is? Not so smarty hot in the head...

...unlike the bears daw...bwahaha!

If you saw the premier, this peace of info might baffle you even more:
I've read that Juliet did not listen to a Petula Clark song (Downtown). She put on a Talking Heads CD, but heard Petula Clark. Either 1) she's not very particular about organizing her CD collection; 2) it's conditioning, as what theories say, this is all an experiment, behaviors are conditioned...that kind of shit.

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And judging by the way the story has gone to now, I'd say they're also conditioning us, the viewers, big time. I mean, why keep watching this show when you know you always end up getting more confused? That's what I ask myself about Lost all the time!

Season 3 Episode 1 - A Tale of Two Cities
Original Airing: October 5, 2006
Network: ABC