27 October 2006

Tele-puter and other stories

I'm experiencing one of those weeks where I've got to do some more important stuff so I have to set aside TV watching for a while. I'm not liking it very much but sometimes I have to be the responsible adult, rather than the couch potato. Bleeech! It peeves me to think of the episodes already piling up in my PC. I don't know when I can find the time to catch up.

I have, however been continuously watching Smallville before I go to bed at night. So that's my consolation, at least I'm still getting my fix. Oh! By the way, the more I watch Smallville, the more I appreciate Clark & Lex's relationship. Can they just marry each other? LOL!

Anyway, the other day, my husband came home from a meeting with friends, all film and TV enthusiasts --- Pau you didn't go! Hehe.... Well, I didn't too. Anyway, hubby was told he should download this program, the TVU player. How it works is similar to P2P except that computers beam the shows live already, no need for downloading like with torrents.

So right now, this is the machine that's constantly on in the house. And while I'm not able to watch too much, it's my son (currently enjoying his sembreak) who is watching the shows. He now calls our computer the TELE-PUTER. He's able to watch new episodes of Spongebob, so yeah, he's very thrilled about this whole thing.

While I'm doing this entry, the TVU player is now locked on NBC.....my turn on the tele-puter, at least while I still have the time to sit here. I'm expecting The Office anytime now. I'm supposed to be watching Grey's Anatomy but tonight's supposedly a 2hour replay, so I'll pass.

Update: NBC is also on replay. What's with this week? End of World Series? Hockey? I'm switching to CBS. But ugh, it's Survivor now and I've dropped that show already.

I guess the gods are telling me to get back to doing what I'm supposed to be doing and turn the darn TV off. :P

Update 2: Hahha, ayaw paawat. Ugly Betty na lang pala. Yey!