17 October 2006



My favorite contestant on Australian Idol 2006 was booted out last night.

This season showed a lot of promising talents, each of them very unique and different, that judges have regarded this batch as the best Australia's ever had.

Come finals night, all the praises and admiration seem to have sizzled out. For me at least. It turns out, a unique and different batch can eventually become too boring and safe and detached. Some performances didn't translate and connect too well for me. And their song choices were not great.

There was one person though, who, no matter how obscure his song choices were and how weird he performed, continued to hold my attention week after week. Being a unique and different artist was either of two things: you are either so out of this world, that you lead the audience and bring them into it; or you're so out of this world, that listeners refuse to go on board your world. For Bobby Flynn, he managed to do the former. Watching and listening to him was such a..... ride. He was odd, but in a very, very, very good way.

I think Bobby was the most original person on Idol ever. Unfortunately, his journey ended last night, when he earned the lowest number of vote counts. And I am bummed...

Here's a ten minute video from last night's boot:

Video upload by swiift

It will not be the same without him. G'bye Fluffhead! I'll be keeping tabs of your career. You have a big fan in me.


On to another Fluffhead...

Caught up with the first round of the XFactor S3 UK Finals and whaddaya know, Fluffhead 2.0 made the cut!

This is Ashley. He also got this weird head of hair (like Bobby's!) and sings differently. He sounds a bit like Aaron Neville, I should say... but there's something odd about his voice too, because it also suits the Big Band genre.

Video upload by skippywebb

I still haven't picked a favorite so far. Ashley just seems to stand out from the very beginning, but I have a slight reservation. His vocals aren't too strong.

It's still week one, we'll see.