24 October 2006

Where have I seen him?

I've been trying to figure out who this guy is. And without checking a cheat sheet (IMDb hehe), I tried my very best to remember.... And that's too much strain on my brain. Took me 5 episodes to figure out. He's that guy from Band of Brothers, that legendary Capt. Ronald Speirs who...
shot twenty to thirty German prisoners of war digging a hole on D-Day, under guard. It is rumored that he gave the prisoners cigarettes, gave them a light, and then shot all of them but one.
Cool huh? Anyway, he's Kitty's (Calista Flockhart) boyfriend on Brothers and Sisters but only appears as guest. That means, they could break up in the next few episodes. Weh. Oh, the actor's name is Matthew Settle, almost forgot to mention that one!

Anyway, I'm currently watching the latest BroSis episode (just had to pause to do this entry coz I might forget if done later!); will catch up on TAR 10; can't wait to watch the boys on Prison Break (it's back, baseball's over) and discover more inconsistencies and impossiblities (fun at times, makes you feel stupid at times) .... so, I'm keeping this entry short.