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26 January 2008

This girl Becki Newton...

... I so love her on Ugly Betty. She gets away with being a cute bitch. They should have a separate award category for her on any award-giving body for TV. Her and Connie Brighton.

TV Guide: Has your life changed a lot being on such a hit show?
Newton: Because I am so different from Amanda, people don't necessarily notice me in real life. A few have come up to me and said, "You look like that girl on Ugly Betty." And I'm like, "I really should watch that show and check her out."


  1. i know! ang galing niyang magportray ng bitch with a heart. hehehe. it's good that people are starting to notice her.

  2. But she's also good playing straight drama, yung walang exag. Actress talaga siya. :D