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04 January 2008

BB Housemates evicted. PERMANENTLY.

And I mean, evicted...from living and breathing.

They DIED enroute to the Big Brother house. The report isn't clear but it seems like they were out of the house already and were heading back into the house when the accident happened.
Big Brother Cancelled After Three Contestants Die

The Serbian version of reality show Big Brother has been cut short after three former housemates died in a car crash.

"Following the tragic death of former Big Brother housemates Stevan Zecevic, Elmir Kuduzovic and Zorica Lazic, B92 and the production company Emotion decided to bring (the series) to an end," the producers said.

The three were killed in a car accident near Belgrade.

The remaining seven housemates were taken out of the house and told the news away from the cameras.

Meanwhile, this week is supposedly the end of Pinoy Big Brother's Celebrity Edition. Unfortunately, when they decided to bring back evicted housemates into the house last month, and Big Brother grew to become this power-tripping, unreasonable metrosexual or something (Big Brother in the Spa? What the hell was that about?!) I lost interest again. :P

Give me an ugly trashy version of Big Brother USA anytime. At least on that show, they don't hide the fact that everyone in that house has a dark side and that it's not about making people look good on TV.

On the local version? Bad deeds are masked as well-meaning good deeds. "Oh, it's only a task, you've got to trust Kuya." Bullshit. Don't pretend it's a show that's out to help people make their lives and themselves better, PBB!

Hypocrite. :P

Incidentally, if you're in a local bookstore, grab a copy of TV[Star] Guide (P80 at National, P85 at Fully Booked). I wrote a piece on what it takes to be a PBB Housemate. :) Bwaha, promo! I wrote that a month or so before publication, and at that time I was still watching the show.

Maybe I should do a follow up piece --- How Big Brother Lost Control Of His Own Show. LOL.



  1. If only we can air what you wrote! :))

  2. If only. Kakainis, they're trying to fix what wasn't broken. :P