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26 September 2007

Heroes Season 2 Episode 1 - Four Months Later

Let's get something out of the way first...

Yes, Peter is alive. And shirtless. Sluuuurp! LOL!

And that's the only thing I can show you...I gave too much away already. :)

Four months later, the Heroes carry on with their lives.

  • Nathan is also alive but not looking very happy. He also needs to get reoriented with a product called Gillette.
  • The Bennetts are now relocated to California and living a new life under a new name. Horned Rimmed Glasses is still working at a "paper company". And Claire is befriended by a cutie in her new high school. The cutie just happens to know how to fly.
  • Hiro's father, together with Ando, who is looking quite dapper in a suit, (Was he ever this cute before?) waits for Hiro to reappear at the place where we last saw all of them.
  • Hiro, as we all know from last season's finale, is transported in the 1600's and meets Kensai, who is not what Hiro was expecting.
  • Parkman is divorced. He and Mohinder live together and has Molly with them. They will eventually have a spin-off called My Two Dads. Haha! (My Two Dad reference). Molly is haunted in her dreams. They stole a line from LOTR: I seeee yoooooouuuuu.
  • Dunno where Micah and his parents are. Dunno where Sylar is. (Previews show them appear in the following episode).
  • But Maya, the first hero introduced this season (among a handful), goes on a killing spree.
I remember reading somewhere that Season 2 will explore their roots and origins, so that means the parents (such as Hiro's dad and Mama Petrelli) will come into play. We see a little bit of that on the first episode.

I'm so apprehensive of that sophomoric slump. But the start shows promise that I could not help applauding in the end.



  1. wow thank you!!!

    uhm question, di ko matandaan, sino nga ba si parkman? sya ba si matt?

  2. "Parkman is divorced. He and Mohinder live together and has Molly with them."

    iba naisip ko! haha. nakipagdivorced si parkman, so naglive-in sila ni mohinder! ganun ang dating sa akin hahaha!

    didn't find the season premiere exciting.

  3. May moments kasi na parang dragging. Pero for me, that was eclipsed by a shirtless Peter. Hehe.