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01 August 2007

The spoilers cometh....

Disclaimer: I am not an official source, just sharing what I read from all over. Also, no in-depth spoilers. I still wanna enjoy my TV viewing without learning waaay to much. :)

  • Mohinder: "I'm bring something from my personal life into the fifth episode of season two."
  • Greg Grunburg says: "There's this character that is looming out there that's bigger and badder than Sylar, so it's going to be pretty crazy."
  • Just Jared has photos of Claire's new boyfriend (Hot!!!).

Friday Night Lights:

  • Meet Landry's daddy...father and son do look alike, eh? --
  • We'll learn more of Landry in Season 2.

Grey's Anatomy:
  • Ava is coming back to Seattle Grace.
  • Gizzie might be killed-off early in the season. The writers know it won't work with the audience, so their love angle might go kaput.

Ugly Betty:
  • Henry's back. Santos is back. But the question is --- for how long and how many episodes...and in whatever shape or form?
  • Justin revisits Mode. Wilhelmina and him will have an amusing encounter.
  • A possible MUSICAL episode in February 2008, according to this article. With possible guest: David Hyde Pierce. Yahoooooo! Niles Crane! LOL!
  • Something else from Chicago Tribune
As for Santos, don’t worry -- he will be back. Make sure you tune in to the first episode of the season. It will be intense, especially for Hilda (Ana Ortiz).
Other Sources: Korbin and Ausiello
Photo Source: Ugly-is-in.com

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