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26 September 2010

Ranking 2010 Fall Season Premieres: Which New Show Rated Highest??

Here's how all the programs ranked last week. A lot of these shows are season premieres. And the answer to the question on which new show is the highest rated would have to be the show highlighted in green ---

1 Dancing with the Stars 21.29M
2 NCIS 19.41M
3 Dancing with the Stars 9pm 18.52M
4 NCIS: Los Angeles 15.76M
5 The Mentalist 15.50M
6 CSI 14.69M
7 Two and a Half Men 14.63M
8 Grey’s Anatomy 14.32M
9 Hawaii Five-0 14.20M
10 Criminal Minds 14.13M
11 Big Bang Theory 14.04M
12 Blue Bloods 12.81M
13 Modern Family 12.67M
14 $#*! My Dad Says 12.58M
15 Glee 12.45M
16 Mike & Molly 12.23M
17 The Defenders 12.17M
18 The Event 10.88M
19 Castle 10.70M
20 House 10.69M
21 CSI: NY 10.28M
22 Law & Order: SVU 10.08M
23 Bones 9.89M
24 Detroit 187 9.34M
25 Private Practice 8.83M
26 The Middle 8.80M
27 How I Met Your Mother 8.79M
28 Undercovers 8.70M
29 The Office 8.48M
30 Rules of Engagement 8.35M
31 Cougar Town 8.32M
32 Dateline NBC 7.94M
33 Betty With You 7.86M
34 Outsourced 7.49M
35 Chase 7.31M
36 Raising Hope 7.31M
37 Hell’s Kitchen 7.17M
38 Medium 6.12M
39 30 Rock 5.91M
40 Chuck 5.79M
41 Fringe 5.73M
42 Running Wilde 5.60M
43 My Generation 5.17M
44 Community 5.00M
45 Outlaw 4.99M
46 The Whole Truth 4.85M
47 Boardwalk Empire 4.81M
48 Lone Star 4.10M
49 Smallville 2.90M
50 The Good Guys 2.90M
51 Supernatural 2.79M

Source is Nielsen's.


  1. Grabe, NCIS is unstoppable. I still prefer Criminal Minds over it though.

  2. Oo nga eh...two years or three years na top-rater ang NCIS.