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01 September 2010

Birthday Contest: Giving Away DVD Sets of Two of My Best TV Picks

As mentioned in previous posts, I'm giving away another set of DVD to celebrate my birthday month of September. Two readers will win original DVD sets of these award-winning shows by the end of September.


The first set is of Modern Family, this year's winner for Best Comedy Series at the Emmy's. The show is a mockumentary on what a typical family is like and it has one of my favorite characters on TV today --- Phil Dunphy.

The DVD features all episode of Season 1 plus these extras:

  • Deleted, Extended and Alternate Scenes
  • Deleted Family Interviews
  • Gag Reel
  • Real Modern Family Moments
  • Before Modern Family
  • Fizbo the Clown
  • Modern Family: Making of "Family Portrait"
  • Modern Family Hawaii

Modern Family's DVD set will be officially released this month.

The second set I'm giving away is actually just a bonus. This is the first season of Friday Night Lights, which came out in 2007. So yes, this show has been around for a while. In fact, they're on to their 5th Season. I just want someone out there to watch and witness just how great this series is so I'm giving another person a set.

To be eligible for an entry, you MUST DO ALL STEPS:

1) Leave a comment below by telling me which TV show you'd like to give an award and why.

2) Follow me on Google Connect (please see my sidebar).

3) Share the love by doing any of the following. A screenshot will be required of this:

  • Following me on Twitter and retweeting this.
  • Posting this on your Facebook Status Message.
  • Posting this as a blog entry on your blog.

4) Sign up on this form sheet to confirm your entry.

Skipping any of steps 1-4 will invalidate your entry. The contest will run for the whole of September. 2 Winners will be announced in October (1 for MF and 1 for FNL) and will be drawn via Random.Org. I will be emailing the winners then.

The DVD sets are original, Region 1 releases.
Please make sure that your player can run this before entering.

Thank you for joining!


  1. I would give an award to FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS for Outstanding Drama Series. Most, if not all, of the award-giving bodies have been passing on giving due recognition to a show that is so well-written and well-acted. The show is just SO good!

  2. @Shoutingwind - why not, poknat? If you win, your bro can have it. Hehe.

    @Marie - Agree to the tenth degree! =)

  3. i haven't watched that many new tv shows lately so i'd got for my all-time fave: HOUSE!! for outstanding drama series too. i can't really offer much of a reason except that this show has conitually piqued my interest for the past 6 seasons (when other shows have not) and i love house's sarcasm and wit. plus, i believe they haven't won so far and i'd love for them to win before they call it quits. :)

  4. Done with all 4 steps!:) I am so joining this in the hopes of winning the Modern Family DVD. I love that show, and given the chance I would still choose to present them with the Best Comedy Show award. Kudos to Steve Levitan and Chris Lloyd for coming up with the idea and finding such a gem of a cast ensemble to bring the characters to life.

  5. I'm not that well-versed about TV series pero I've heard raves about The Modern Family. I'm so intrigued!

    Given the chance, I'd like Chuck and Weeds to win. Wait, are they even nominated? Hahaha!

  6. Done! :)

    I so wanna win the Modern Family DVD. But if I were to nominate a show, that would be The Big Bang Theory. The humor is unbelievably fresh, I even learn new things every time I watch it. Jim Parsons is hot as a geek and I've never liked geeks so much until TBBT!

  7. And when's your birthday? Advanced happy birthday, Mindy! :) Thanks for coming up with cool giveaways!

  8. Here's a more proper screencap: http://i694.photobucket.com/albums/vv301/tickingcherrybomb/MindyTV2.jpg


  9. Thanks everyone for joining! Fun fun fun!!!

    Teeyah - it's this Sunday =) 37 years young. Waaah.

  10. Oh! Today is your birthday. Happy birthday, Mindy! Have a good one :)

  11. why i love modern family...
    a. Gloria Delgado-Pritchett
    b. Manny Delgado
    c. Cameron
    d. Phil Dunphy

    my answer would definitely be E cuz...

    Cuz maybe baby

    I just wanna do you, do you

    Do you wanna do me, do me?

    Underneath the moonlight, moonlight


  12. I would love to give the following shows awards:
    1) FRIENDS - because it lasted 10 season and fans have been clamouring for more
    2) LOST - just because..
    3) MYTHBUSTERS - informative AND entertaining!

  13. I would love to give an award to

    Friday Night Lights for the Best Drama on TV today.