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24 January 2008

Movie Tripping

I've so far been on a movie trip this week. Thanks to the lack of TV shows to watch, I'm able to catch up on some films I've been meaning to see. And so far? Having a blast ! In a matter of three days, I've since watched the following below. Normally, I'd spread it over months watching this many...so, this is kind of new to me again.

Gaad, I didn't realize how much I miss the movies!

Rescue Dawn Waitress (Widescreen Edition) Stardust (Widescreen Edition)

I think I'd like to check out Michael Clayton, Sweeney Todd, There Will Be Blood, Across the Universe and The Great Debaters next. Got any more movie to recommend I should watch?

Incidentally, the Oscar nominees are out. Who's your pick?

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