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23 January 2008

In Memoriam: Heath Ledger

Unknown to many, Heath Ledger once had a TV series on the Fox Network. It was a period piece, set in 400 AD and his role was that of a Celtic Prince. The series, entitled Roar, aired in '97...almost a decade ago.

Rest in peace, Heath.


  1. have you seen his old movie, a knight's tale? maganda sha..
    i love the dance number there. cute kasi. it started off as a ballroom dance type of steps and ends up hip-hop. ganda..

  2. ps. in that same movie, sis, youll find the albino guy in da vinci code too. forgot his name. naka jubo na naman ata sha dun. hahaha.. ;-)

  3. Si Paul Bethany, sis? Yup, saw that film.

    Sayang talaga siya.