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08 October 2006

The one where I complete my Friends DVD

I've finally completed my favorite-test(!!!!) TV show on DVD!

After 4 years of trying to complete the whole set (haha ang tagal!) I've finally completed all 10 seasons on original DVD. That's Php 30,000 very well spent, in a span of four years! Hihihi. Yey! Yey! Yey!

Next sets to complete: Frasier. 7 boxsets to go, to complete 11. Darn.

Oh, excuse the changes on this site. I've upgraded to the new blogger version and my old template doesn't work anymore. This blog now looks like it belongs to a 12 year old school girl!!! :(


  1. I envy you!!:) I was thinking about the getting the complete set of FRIENDS. They launched one box that contains all 10 seasons! :) I'm still saving up for that!! :) But I'm sure it'll be all worth it!

  2. Oooh, the box is gorgeous. It's made of wood and fiberglass. Quite heavy too...worth every penny. Unfortunately I don't have it since I bought the DVDs per set and not as a whole. :( The box used to be sold separately (limited time) for something like $20 but shipping would have to be exhorbitant, mabigat siya kasi. Good luck to you! Hehe. :D

  3. I've got almost all the seasons. Lucky you! What a great show! After discovering a site that has a Friends episode guide I realized how many episodes I've actually never seen. I haven't even seen most of the first season because they rarely play it on TV. I can't wait to get the rest of the DVDs myself so that I can watch the whole show start to finish.