07 June 2010

In Drop Dead Diva, Angels Give Out Balut as Pasalubong

Finished watching the season premiere of Drop Dead Diva's 2nd season.

Before I go any further, I just found out the show has released a CD soundtrack this week, in line with the show coming back. The CD is called Music from the Original Television Series Drop Dead Diva and it features the following songs:

  • 1. Brooke Elliott / Margaret Cho - "Would I Lie To You"
  • 2. Becca Jones - "I'll Get Mine"
  • 3. Platinum Pied Pipers - "On A Cloud"
  • 4. Lil' Wendy - "Shake It"
  • 5. Margaret Cho - "Restraining Order"
  • 6. Madi Diaz - "Nothing At All"
  • 7. Dri - "Don't Wait"
  • 8. Katie Herzig - "Beautiful Inside"
  • 9. Malbec - "Free"
  • 10. Joshua Morrison - "Home"
  • 11. Katie Herzig - "Wish You Well"
  • 12. Confetti - "Begin Again" (pop version)
  • 13. Ben Feldman - "Baby, I Need Your Loving"
  • 14. Scott Starrett - "Suite From Drop Dead Diva"

A little backgrounder, if this is your first time learning about the show, and before I spill anything spoiler-y:
"Drop Dead Diva" is a spirited new comedic drama series that puts a uniquely compelling twist on the age-old battle between brains and beauty. The show tells the story of a shallow model-in-training who dies in a sudden accident only to find her soul resurfacing in the body of a brilliant, thoughtful and plus-size attorney.

- From Lifetime

Spoilers after the cut....

The second season opens with kind of an Ally McBeal dream sequence, which had theater actress and singer Brooke Elliot (Jane) singing Would I Lie To You (which, incidentally, is the episode's title) and judge Paula Abdul dancing with her.

I have to say, at 100 years old :P, Paula still has the move.

The rest of the cast also joins in the singing and dancing, a short sequence that made me think of Glee.  Margaret Cho, who plays the assistant, sang her bit, Kim is surprisingly very agile and flexible, while Grayson dances funny....

The case of the week involved Jane's dilemma from last season, where she faces disbarment from reporting her law firm's client's misdeeds. She also handles a pro-bono case involving a young girl in need of specialized surgery. On top of that, she also has to deal with the sudden re-appearance of a husband she hasn't seen in seven years. And then there's the boyfriend, and of course the other guy, Grayson.

Sounds like too much went on in this first episode, but it was all light and fun and went in a breeze. I could just not put into words how everything else was resolved since the image of Grayson dancing is still mucking my memory off.

Anyway, the scene that's made a mark on me is this one with Fred and the girls, where he brings them gifts after returning from his trip around the world:

I've never tried balut ever in my life. But if angels like Fred like 'em.... then I may be missing something!

Are you watching Drop Dead Diva? What do you think of this episode? What do you think of the show, in general?

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