22 June 2010

The One Where I Talk About My SummerTV Viewing so far...

Not in a good place right now, mentally. I'm not going crazy, though my friends will probably disagree --- I've been crazy for years! It's just that my mind is all over the place with so many things to do. So, I'm gonna go with lazy blogging for today and hit this with.... good ol'bullet points:

  • Watched Hot in Cleveland at the end of last week and the only saving grace of the show? 80+ year old Betty White. I know that she's TV's IT Girl right now and I've no idea why because I do not follow the viral campaign for her. But I'm amazed at how great she is here, in her new show. Right timing, punchline perfectly delivered, she is so amusing! I mean, I'm 36 and I forget a lot of things now! She's an octogenarian and she looks a lot more saner than I am. Betty White is a pro. Now, I'm a fan!
  • Continued with my West Wing Marathon. I'm on Season 3 and I long to become Donna Moss more and more. Okay, I cheated myself and got to read the episode guides in advance so I know now how she ended up in bed with her boss, Josh Lyman in Season 7. But they have such an undeniable chemistry, it so hard not to take notice and do something about it. I love their work relationship - Josh and Donna. And I can't wait to see how their romance will progress in the last season.
  • Finished Everybody Loves Raymond. Did this a lot earlier but I would like to include this in the bullets, since we're talking about TV here. They ended this show well. Cheesy but perfectly ---- Raymond had to go on a routine operation, but had trouble waking up because of this anesthesia. When the nurse told his wife, Debra, it was like she lost her balance and her world crumbled (Patricia Heaton was awesome in this scene!). The rest of the family was there to console her. But since this is a comedy series, Raymond woke up after about 10 seconds, so everything's all better again. The family didn't tell Raymond what had happened, except that he found out from his mom. When he spoke to everyone about it, my favorite part was when his dad said something like: "I saw the look on your wife's face when the nurse told her. I never want to see that face again." Oooh, how I cried on that scene!  Told you it was cheesy.
  • Upon a friend's recommendation, I watched the TV Land Awards that happened some five months ago. It's this show that honors old series. Never had any interest in this before because I thought it was going to be full of ancient actors and shows that aired before I was even conceived. It was only a short awards show but lemme tell you --- one of best one hour or so of my TV watching experience! I was laughing most of the time and I was pointing to the screen or clapping my hands, totally excited about seeing old faces and old TV clips of Love Boat, Charlie's Angels, Home Improvement, Bossom Buddies and more. I know I looked like this crazy monkey watching it, so it's a good thing we have the TV in the bedroom and our curtains are thick!  The show also featured the reunion of the cast of Everybody Loves Raymond, who all received this Impact Awards or something like that. I'm looking forward to when they honor Friends for this! The best part was towards the end, when they honored Glee and had really old TV actors, including David Hasselhoff, sing Don't Stop Believing. OMG, The Hoff! I think he had too much to drink before going up the stage, I was cracking up watching their number! Best damn one hour+ of my TV life!
  • On to the new shows....I checked out  The Gates and Scoundrels yesterday, two new series premieres. I said in an earlier post, I think I will pass on The Gates. I take that back. I'm gonna sit awhile and let it all unfold for it was very intriguing! The writing's pretty bland. And there's really nothing new to the story. But I was still intrigued. It reminded me of this British show, Meadowlands, with little bit of Desperate Housewives, Twin Peaks and The Vampire Diaries all mashed up together. I think this is why it's interesting --- you have all these ingredients from all these other shows. Only, if you put too much of one thing, or overdo with the other, it's in danger of getting spoiled, you know? That's how I feel about The Gates.  Scoundrels, on the other hand........where do I even start with this mess? Virginia Madsen only had one expression on her face: the Botox-injected expression. I wanted so badly to pinch her cheeks because it didn't look like it had any muscles in it anymore! Writing for Scroundrels is also baaaaaaad. Way bad. The other versions of this adaptation were a lot better. Rating for both shows? Modest, according to this. Also.....three of 24's actors are on both these shows: Nadia & Curtis are on The Gates. Tony's on  Scoundrels. Just thought I should say that, as a note to 24 fans. 
  • I'm falling in love with Cat Deeley on SYTYCD all over again. I want to keep her in my pocket. All five feet something long of her! She's so adorable! I think dancer Alex Wong is going to win this or walk away with better offers than the winner. He flies, he moves with utter gracefulness, he expresses with his dance. He is a dancing god. I can sit for hours watching him dance. Or take off his shirt because his body is delicious. Hehe. Whatever. 
  • Also upon a friend's recommendation, I've started watching The Closer starring Kyra Sedgwick. I have five seasons of catching up to do and I'm liking it so far....having watched about five episodes of Season 1 already. Best watched when you just want to lounge around and shut down from the world. It's easy to follow and very interesting to sit through. Kyra's character is one of TV's strong women characters. I know she gets nominated for awards all the time and she plays this role really well, from what I've seen. Loving her southern accent!
  • Rounding up my USA SummerTV viewing so far for June: I'm also following Last Comic Season 7, The Good Guys Season 1, Lie To Me Season 2Drop Dead Diva 2, Pretty Little Liars Season 1, Burn Notice Season 4 and Royal Pains Season 2....and I'm having the best times watching these, of course. I'm looking forward to the rest of the programs that will start in July and August. 

Now, I've got to get back to sleep, reset my mind, restore the order and then wake up in an hour or two, set a pace and start working.

So, what have you been watching?

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