18 June 2010

This Family of Thieves...

It's crazy how this teaser for Scoundrels, premiering June 20th on ABC, is described as "original" by its voice-over, when it's actually a third copy of a series originally produced in New Zealand called Outrageous Fortune.

The British remade Outrageous Fortune in 2008 and called theirs Honest (Read my blog post on HONEST) and now it's USA's turn to bring their version to the small screen.

Scoundrels stars Virginia Madsen as the matriarch of a family who knows no other jobs but those related to crimes. This less than three minute clip below will give you an idea of what the show is about.

If I have to base what I know of the story from having seen Honest in full, it's really nothing to be wild about, except that if you're the kind of viewer who likes a little variety in what you watch, then okay...go ahead and watch this one.

What I'm really excited about Scoundrels though? Is the fact that it also has Carlos Bernard (Tony from 24) in the cast.

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