17 June 2010

My Site Content Has Been Stolen

I have become a victim of RSS Theft.

RSS Theft is as defined from this site.

There is a growing and real concern that site and blog feeds are being used to totally replace any original content. Some crafty website owners are using multiple feeds to pull information from other sites into their own, making it look like the site has an interesting and original collection of content, when it is actually stolen without permission from other sites.

A website has been harvesting my RSS Feeds and has been stealing contents from this blog to theirs. I know that it came from my RSS feed because MY entries on their blog has this at the end of each post:

You only get to see that if you are following my blog using your RSS reader.

I've taken steps to email their site and report them to Google. And I've also edited my RSS footer to read a disclaimer which now basically says:

Blogging about television. Watching too much TV.
Notice to readers: If you are reading this content on a different website, other than Too Much TV with official site address: http://mindy-tv.blogspot.com/, then you are reading a STOLEN content.

Now, you website harvester, can suck it! Steal more content from my RSS and you will be publishing that notice on your blog. :P

Here are some screencaps of content they've stolen from me:

Baka pati itong notice na to ma-harvest mo pa at ma-post mo pa sa blog mo ha?? Ang engot engot mo na nga talaga kung ganun!  ----> Do I have to translate this? :P

Edited to add: STOLEN AGAIN! This blog post declaring about my content being stolen IS also posted on that blog which stole my site content! I believe there is no human running that site, but it has been configured to harvest my feeds and publish it there. >:P

Using the Contact Us form on this site, and requesting for a copy of the email I sent them, I got an email notification from a different site address, which, I guess, really owns this scrap blog. I checked out this new site and learned it's an "online media solution" based in Canada. The site actually looks legit with lots of "media partners". They're supposed to help other sites make money or drive traffic and business. By what? Stealing content? :P I am prepared to warn people not to take up business with you, unless you take down my content!

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