16 June 2010

Maybe This Will Be Better Than Those Darn SATC Girls!

I've been looking for a good sitcom to watch while the fall season comedy shows are out. 100 Questions is getting really bad with each episode, so I'm yearning for something new. Thankfully, the gods of TV always have something for me. And I'm probably going to get my fix with this new comedy, Hot in Cleveland which will start airing June 16th

Well, it's new alright...but filled with really old, familiar people.

The series, which airs on TV Land (a retro channel that only shows old, old programs), is going to be the channel's first foray into scripted series. It stars TV veterans like Valerie Bertinelli, Wendie Malick, Jane Leeves, and Betty White (my gad, she is 88 and is still doing TV!) --- these are the women I watch back in the 80's and 90's! The series is produced by Sean Hayes, who you probably all know as Jack from Will & Grace.

I wanted to write something clever and funny about this one, but it's only about 5:30ish in the morning and my senses are the dullest right now. So, lemme just say that, I hope these gals aren't going to try to be hip and cool or young and trendy, like those darn women from Sex and The City. I hope this show is really about women of certain age or of women who embrace their age, mentally and emotionally, with substance (yes, so unlike those darn women from Sex and The City!).

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