10 June 2010

Glee Marketing Pushes to the Limit

Well, music legend Michael Jackson did say --- "don't stop till you get enough!" And that's probably the philosophy behind Glee's marketing arm.

The series, which has earned the highest finale rating at 11 Million viewers (one that happened last during Twin Peak's season finale in the 90's), is not only coming out with media merchandise like DVDs or CDs.

By Fall season, they're also coming out with a fashion line. Kids can dress up like Rachel or Quinn, or look cool like Puck once the clothes, accessories and maybe even shoe collections are out. I dunno if they're coming out with collections following after Emma Pillsbury's style, but it would be awesome if they did!

And then sometime in July, the first of its book series is also going to be published, followed by another book which will come out by Feb 2011. The Glee Books will be written by Sophia Lowell. The stories will serve as prequels to the series....the beginnings of how the characters coped with high school, before they became part of New Directions.

This idea isn't so bad, I suppose. Kids hardly pick up books these days and if this is Glee's way of driving the literacy rate up....then read away, Gleeks!

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