08 June 2010

Persons Unknown: Is It This Year's Summer TV Thriller?

I was about to watch Persons Unknown a while ago but thought I'd quit it before I get into it any deeper. It was apparent this was going to be a thriller. It's my least favorite genre and I'm gonna have to watch it with someone else to fully appreciate it.

This is the first time I've heard of the show. But the fact is, Persons Unknown have long been completed in 2009 with full episodes (13 in total) even before a network has bought it. It's written by Christopher McQuarrie who is brilliantly credited for the film, The Usual Suspects. Having seen only some ten minutes of it, I can't exactly say if it's any bad or good. (Gonna watch in full with a companion later!) But to have this series shelved for a year or so, and then shown on air in the summer season, TV season's lull period, should probably be an indicator.

From what I saw though, at first I thought this was going to be the series that will replace Without A Trace, since I thought it was about kidnapped victims and missing persons. And then, as the story unfolded, it felt familiar....like watching every installment of Saw (that horror flick). Others have said, it's supposed to fill up the hole Lost has left from our TV viewing pleasure.

To give you some more ideas, here is the show's trailer:

I've been checking some reviews of it as Persons Unknown already premiered a few hours ago on USA TV via NBC. Sadly (or expectedly?) it did not seem to leave quite an impression.

Should I even bother finish watching it?

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