27 June 2010

In Parenthood, They Shout and Shout To Let It all Out

I thought it would be a good idea to finish the rest of Parenthood (Season 1) while I attempt to do some work early today (multi-tasking!). I got to this part where 16 year old Amber slept with her cousin's (16 year old Haddie) "on-a-break" 16 year old ex-boyfriend "unintentionally" (yeah, right!). So, they bitched at each other and they were sent to the principal's office (I think. I was working while watching. No, wait...sent to the guidance counsellor?)

Anyway, their parents were called to the school, too. Their parents are Adam (Peter Krause) and Sarah (Lauren Graham), who are brother and sister. When Haddie told her aunt Sarah that Amber slept with her ex, the adults freaked out together with the two young girls and a shouting match started.

I thought the shouting ended there.

In the next episode, when everyone in the family found out and Amber was trying to avoid being in the same family activity with the rest of her kin, there was another shouting match, followed by another shouting match between....I don't know who anymore, there were just too many!

All I  know is that if this was a contest for whoever could shout the loudest? Lauren Graham would win this hands down. I love LG but, darn she annoyed me big time with all these shouting!

Parenthood is this series adapted from that movie, Parenthood, starring Steve Martin and Diane Weist. The TV series is also done by the same people who made the movie...and I liked that movie.

So, what happened to the TV show? Why am I not connecting with this one anymore? I was thinking this would be the show that would replace my attachment for the Walkers (Brothers & Sisters). But the more I watch the episodes, the less I'm liking the Bravermans beecause 1) they do shout at each other a lot, 2) the sibling relationship seems forced, I do not see the chemistry yet, and 3) they are not as funny and witty as the Walkers. On the other hand... the Walkers have really turned into a bunch of drama queens, so I decided to quit watching that one, too.

Anyway, I had to check for ratings and updates coz I wasn't sure how it fared when it ran mid-season. It's apparently been renewed for Season 2 this fall.  And based on this, it actually did pretty well, ratings-wise, for a freshman series.

So, okay...there's a niche that loves the show somehow. But can it please tone down on the shouting? I get it. It's family dysfunction. It may feel authentic for some real life families. But I've had enough of shouting matches watching the local channels, Parenthood will lose my interest quickly if this continues.

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