18 June 2010

Vampire Story #32,456: The Gates

On the heels of the vampire trend we're all experiencing, ABC is premiering this new vampire series, The Gates, this June 20th.

It stars Rhona Mitra (who played a Lycan in that Underworld movie...seems she's boxed up in these kinds of roles, isn't she?) as a suburban mom who dabbles in PTA meetings and stuff, but is actually, also a bloodsucking creature. She lives in this gated community and you instantly know why it's gated. The new family that moves in, however, will have to find out even more mysteries surrounding their neighborhood.

The series also features a few teen storylines in the mix, perhaps to attract the younger viewers now hooked on Twilight and The Vampire Diaries. But it's going to be nothing juvenile as those shows since The Gates is supposed to be a mystery thriller. Or something.

I'm so not loving the vampire trend right now. TruBlood has yet to suck me in, despite people telling me it's actually good. Maybe I'll check out The Gates pilot, and then pass on it.

Check out the teaser. What do you think?

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