02 June 2010

Sneak Peek: Undercovers

The return of J.J. Abrams on television is via this new series that will air in the Fall called Undercovers, which he will also direct. Abrams' last participation as a director on TV was via Lost, a show he was also originally involved with (he helped conceptualize how it's supposed to play out). He also is behind Fringe, Alias and Felicity.

Undercovers will kind of remind you of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, in that the show is about a couple who're both actually working as secret agents. People are already approving the fact that it stars black actors in the lead role. That almost never happens on network TV.

From The Feed:

This is the highest-profile proof that the networks may make good on their promises to field a more diverse slate of characters in their shows, after disappointing seasons where few series starred people of color beyond supporting roles in ensemble casts.
Early today, news of a script leak of the pilot episode spread all over the internet. The source is supposedly an Italian website and the press believes this to be the real thing.

On the note of the script, JJ Abrams writes:
"The pace of this series is intended to be unusually, almost unspeakably, fast. Sure we won't deny the script is long. But that's only if you judge by something as arbitrary as page numbers. So when reading the script, assuming you get past this page, whether it's an action sequence or just two people speaking, imagine scenes moving lighting fast. Then imagine them just the slightest bit faster. This will hopefully give you a sense of what we're going for."
I wouldn't want to be spoiled and read through what actually happened in the pilot but I am already sensing this is going to gain a lot of momentum. "Lightning fast" is how it is described in the note. It sounds like it's going to take my breath away.

Here is a five minute preview:

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