09 June 2010

Glee Wants Uncle Jessie

Last year, Glee went on a hiatus but left us with a highly charged episode. The New Directions wowed the crowd during Sectionals and proved they will be tough competition. This time around, the season finale song numbers at Regionals were nothing to really rave about. It was underwhelming. I think what they tried to do instead, was to wrap up plots that were otherwise unclear in past episodes. Even then, it was still uneven.

But this is Glee. And I only know a handful of people who don't quite get why Glee is cute and entertaining.

However it turned out tonight, there will still be millions watching it when it comes back for a second season in the Fall.

And when it does, guess who will be there? This guy:

Well, alright...this guy:

Ausiello writes that Fox is considering hiring John Stamos to play Emma's new dentist boyfriend. The actor also happens to sing. So maybe we can expect a sing-off between him and Mr. Schu. How'd you like that one?

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