24 June 2010

I'm Missing the Rhythm on Memphis Beat

Jason Lee on Memphis Beat
Jason Lee (from My Name Is Earl) has a new cop series on TNT and it's one produced by George Clooney. It is set in Memphis and it's a lot like any other procedural, where the police solves a different case every week.

The one thing different from any other cop show is that it depicts Memphis' rich music culture. Jason Lee even dabbles in singing here. And if there's anything good I can say about Memphis Beat is that I absolutely like Jason Lee's singing voice (is that really him singing??).

OTH, I seem to be missing the rhythm for this show because I don't think I liked it all that much (while my husband did). And I don't know where the missing part is...

Maybe I don't get Memphis culture.

I also didn't like how much this show uses montage scenes to put the story together. While it was dramatic and all that, it barely connected to the audience, since it felt rushed.

Also, every time Lee opens his mouth, all I can think about is Earl Hickey and expect his brother, Randy, to be there too.

Or maybe I'm just missing My Name is Earl.

Have you checked out Memphis Beat yet? Here is a scene from the show:

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