01 August 2008

TV Round-Up: 90210, Dollhouse, Summer Ratings & More

It's time for another TV Round-Up!

Dear me...the "buy me this buy me that" mentality has started with this new 90210 product that's not the least bit related to the TV show (unless we're talking about characters make-up and costumes perhaps?) --- the 90210 nail polish

And here's a Limited Edition Beverly Hills 90210 iPod.

Get Well, Kelsey Grammer. After suffering a stroke a few months back, he's had to stay in the hospital again because of irregular heart beats.

Dr. Horrible is over at Hulu for a limited time. I still can't watch that (booo!) but those who missed it in the USA can do so now.

No one is watching TV this season: Summer ratings cool off. No one's really missing anything much. Although Burn Notice and Generation Kill --- these shows are Le Cool.

Let's tour Whedon's Dollhouse!

After leaving CSI Miami, guess where Rory Cochrane is now? On 24, playing one of the villains!

This one's almost straight out of a TV show.

Idol Buzz: Jason Castro records Hallelujah for a Mexican movie soundtrack. David Cook will visit us!

Looks like there's an interesting mix of racers for the latest Amazing Race.