10 June 2008

I can't make sense of this Heroes Season 3 spoiler!

It's bad enough I have to pick my brains out watching Lost. Now, I've got to do the same for Heroes!

Season 3 scoop:
...in the first three minutes one of the lead heroes is going to bust a cap off at one of the other lead heroes. And oh yeah, the guy she pulls the trigger on just might be the guy she's playing tonsil hockey with in real life.

She also tells him (on cam), "I always loved you." Whaaa?! Figured it out?

Oh, and even more shocking? We're gonna see Claire-bear with dark hair and this also involves a shift in time.

Unoriginal...but it had me at "going to bust a cap off, in the first three minutes". I do wanna watch some superhero action. Lots of it!

Via E!