06 June 2008

The only nomination that matters to me...

...would have to be the one for the Emmy's. If you're fond of visiting entertainment sites online, you're probably gonna start seeing the banners and wonder what they're for.

TV Studios are rallying up their shows for Emmy voters, consisting of thousands of members working in the television industry, to stop and take notice...and cast their votes. Voting takes place the entire summer (I think) and the winners will be announced in mid-September, just before the new season starts.

In Hollywood --- it's all about how good your marketing machine is. If you're wondering why [name of show] didn't even get nominated when it's "one of the best shows" you know, then this could be part of the answer ---- the show wasn't campaigned hard enough. Even in the entertainment world, it's still about politics.

My favorite campaign would have to be this, a half page ad from Universal (click to see bigger photo):

You can check the campaign website here.

I told you this was serious politics.

Which brings me to this...my list of Top Picks.

But before that though, let me just say that 2007-2008 hasn't been a great year for television with seasons running shorter and very, very uneven. The worst part isn't over. Threats of an Actors Strike is still hanging in the balance. And the after effects? If you're a couch potato, you're still going to feel that spilling over in 2008-2009 since there are only a few noteworthy shows to get excited about --- NBC | ABC | CBS| FOX | CW

Alrght, Top Picks time...

I do have a lot of favorites (and I mean A LOT! I say "favorite" regularly on this blog!) and so I would tend to pick out every show and actor I've seen. But all things considered, this is the list of performances and shows that really made a strong, huge impact on me:

Drama: LOST
Drama Actor Lead: --- (I really wanna put Hugh Laurie but HOUSE hasn't been all good this season, as was he)
Drama Actress Lead: Sally Field, BROTHERS & SISTERS
Drama Actor Supporting: Michael Emerson, LOST
Drama Actress Supporting: --- (I want to say Connie Britton, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS but I really think she was better last season and so much more deserving to win it)

Comedy Actor Lead: Steve Carell, THE OFFICE
Comedy Actress Lead: ---
Comedy Actor Supporting: Chi McBride, PUSHING DAISIES
Comedy Actress Supporting: Kristen Chenoweth, PUSHING DAISIES

If any one of them makes it to the list of nominees and more importantly wins it --- I'd be one very, very happy TV fan!