09 June 2008

Guess who is getting her own music album? (And which Idol is dropping by NBA?)

Heroes Cheerleader ---- Hayden Panettiere!

Did you know she can sing? I didn't. So, I quickly Youtube-d her to find out if she's any good.

I found three clips of her singing their National Anthem on three different occasions, that I thought this is all she can sing!

Listen to her: Song 1 | Song 2 | Song 3

She sounds.......young.

Here's the accompanying article about her album's release. The company producing her record is going with an all-out campaign, the works --- "multimillion-dollar ad buy on cable and network TV, a print campaign and a music video." Wow. Her songs better be damn great.

Speaking of the Star-Spangled Banner --- DAVID COOK. SINGING IT. TUES NIGHT (Weds morning in the Phils). NBA. .... Yes, legions of women crying out his name --- I hear your screams!

Although, I've been watching the finals the last two games now, they don't show this part on TV. But one can always find it on you know where...