11 June 2008

Oh, say can you see...

I love what this person wrote about singing the National Anthem before a sports event. And though he was speaking about their National Anthem, I feel the same for when our singers here butcher our Lupang Hinirang.
The National Anthem is not a five-minute blues number.

It is not a Mariah Carey overwrought teen power ballad complete with runs and riffs and “yeahs” inserted in the middle. Whitney did it. You will never top it. Don’t try.

The National Anthem is not a song that needs a “hook”. Or your own “personal signature”.

It is not a sultry torch song. Do not use it to impress the chicks. The Star Spangled Banner is not catnip for horny women.

Hear ye, hear ye.

This morning (night time if you're on the other side of the world), David Cook, American Idol, sang the National Anthem at the NBA. Cookie sounded really, really tired...but to his credit, he did not attempt any voice calisthenics and just sang it as it should be. He looked rather serious, even.

Maybe the guy who wrote that (a TV writer and producer) said the same thing to Cookie and he listened? :)