03 June 2008

New Series: In Plain Sight

Watchin' it or ditchin it'?

What I like about it: everything about the character Mary Shannon (played by actress Mary McCormack).

As the main star of the show, she carries this one very well. She is this show's anchor. She's a tough smartass who's got a man for a best friend (actually, also an f--- buddy) but she's also a caring big sister and a compassionate person.

Her job is highly confidential. She's one of the Marshalls for the government's Witness Protection Program. Only her partner and her boss know what she's up to. She can't even talk about work to her family. Nor can she talk to other law enforcers about the status of her witnesses, even if it means cracking their cases.

What I did not like about it: Too many characters introduced in one big episode. The pilot aired for more than an hour. I got introduced, rather immediately, to ---
  • Mary's boss
  • Mary's partner
  • Mary's sister
  • Mary's mother
  • Mary's male best friend/boyfriend (?)
  • The police officer who may have a recurring role, judging by his interest towards Mary
  • A Ukrainian lass under the program
  • A mafia hitman and his family under the program
  • The suspects, about 3 of them
With the boss --- I can't tell in one episode if the boss is fond of Mary romantically or he's just looking for affirmation from her. But he does make an effort to please her.

With the partner --- He does the paperwork and the desk jobs most while Mary is out on the field; it's like their roles are reversed.

With the sister --- Early on the series shows she's a crack addict and will eventually become a big problem for Mary.

With Mary's Mom --- she spoils Mary's younger sister rotten. I believe she's also a drunkard.

What has it been compared to:
Burn Notice, its "brother" series:
  • Because they air on the same network (USA ~ Characters Welcome)
  • The lead stars narrate their stories
  • The lead characters have unorthodox manner in dealing with work

In Plain Sight" was in 5.3 million viewers' sights Sunday night.

The USA Network drama series got off to a good start in its 10-11:16 p.m. debut, becoming the channel's most-watched series premiere since "The 4400" in July 2004.

Compared with more recent USA series bows, "Sight" bested last summer's debut of "Burn Notice" by 32%. "Notice" averaged 4 million in its series premiere June 28, a Thursday. "Sight" also outperformed the Oct. 4 network debut of "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" (3.8 million) by 40%.

In the key demos, "Sight" averaged 2.3 million adults 18-49 and 2.6 million adults 25-54, according to Nielsen. That's an increase of 16% in 18-49 and 17% in 25-54 over "Notice's" premiere and an increase of 36% in 18-49 and 34% in 25-54 over "Criminal Intent."

USA said "Sight" marked the time period's best performance in the demos since the Season 2 premiere of "4400" in June 2005. In addition, the male/female skew among the key adult demos was nearly even. | THR

Verdict: Watchin' it. With regular season's lull? This seems like a good show to keep watching.