23 June 2008

Currently Watching - West Wing, Fallen, Will and Grace, Starters Wife and a couple of Fall TV Previews

This doesn't exactly mean I've got a lot of time on my hands right now, because let me tell you --- I have my hands full with work, the household, overseeing my son's school work, yadda, yadda, yadda. But I suddenly find myself able to squeeze in watching TV shows I have not previously seen in full before. How did that happen? Why is my afternoon a lot less chaotic? That I can sit around and drool at the screen for hours? This isn't a complaint. I'm just wondering where all these free hours spring from?

Okay. Maybe... I've got my schedule down to pat and so everything is a breeze, like clockwork... and so I can work at giving a lot of time for myself; or I AM actually forgetting something important, something I should be doing but didn't. And the consequence of this shall fall down on me hard later; I might not be able to recover immediately.

The second one sounds scarier. But whatever. Pfft. All this TV watching? My tiny little TV fried brain doesn't wanna bother analyzing anymore.

I'm watching and I'm happy! I'm a satisfied junkie.

So, there.

I'm currently enjoying a dose of:
  • The West Wing - My first time to EVER take a peek at this show. This has been on my watch list since...forever. I followed Studio 60 last season (love!) and it always was referenced to West Wing. First impressions? I was dizzy from the camera work! That's all I can say so far, I've only seen a couple of it.
  • Fallen - I was rather curious about this mini-series because of ads that were running in our local channel Studio 23. Fallen angels --- that's always been an interesting mythology to me. The show is a lot like Smallville. I'm glad it's just a short 6 episode series.
  • Will and Grace - This was always on cable TV but truthfully? I think I've only seen less than 30 episodes out of a hundred plus plus. W & G was also on my watch list like forever...I'm finally going to know how this one ended. Well, I did Wiki(pedia) up and spoiled myself.
  • The Starter Wife - It was something I started watching last summer, I'm just picking up where I left off. And what good timing too since the show, originally just meant as a mini-series, has been renewed for a second season.
I had also just seen the previews for two upcoming Fall shows --- Pretty/Handsome and Raising The Bar. I did not bother writing separate entries for them. I can tell your right here --- I'll pass on these.

Pretty/Handsome stars brilliant actors like Joseph Fiennes and Carrie Ann Moss and is from the creator of Nip/Tuck, I believe. It's a story about a married man and father who is coming out of the closet. He's not just going gay, he's a transsexual. I think it has all the right elements to becoming a very compelling drama series. I wouldn't be surprised if it receives critical acclaim. But it's not my kind of show, so I'll pass.

Raising The Bar is a story about lawyers from Steven Bochco (NYPD Blue). I think it has a good story, but none of the actors, with the exception of Jane Kaczmarek, will make me want to watch some more of it.

Hookey. Time to go back and watch some more.