09 June 2008

Can't take Swingtown

No matter how I like these two actors ^ (Jack Davenport and Molly Parker), I really, really cannot get into their new show, Swingtown. I've seen the pilot episode twice. Once last year and then again last week when the series premiered for Summer TV. It's good to know though that it unexpectedly did better than the other show it was up against - Fear Itself (which I didn't watch because it's a suspense series scarier than Supernatural).

Swingtown is about couples in the early 70's who share an open marriage --- that means, they swing from partner to partner with the consent of their spouses.

I'm sure this series is going to be compelling and intriguing. From the looks of the initial offering, it isn't actually badly written. I'm sure it's going to test boundaries of network television.

Jack Davenport and Molly Parker show undeniable chemistry. That should be reason enough for me to continue watching. But I can't. It's too grown up. (This, coming from someone who complains Addison on Private Practice is acting like a teenager!) The premise is just too messed-up for my taste.

But that's no reason for others to not enjoy it. Have a look at this sneak peek and see if the show is something you'd like to watch:

And here's a feature on how the show is making an impact: