02 June 2008

No Sex

I'm probably the only girl in the block who has not seen this. And apparently it toppled down Indiana Jones in the number 1 spot at the box office! I would never have thought...Indy geeks lost to SATC chicks!

While girls/women were watching this last weekend, I had been watching Sister Act and Babe on DVD with kids who weren't born before these films came out. Sidelight: I was showing my son and nephews what kind of movies we enjoyed back then, starting with the 90's. We're going through 80's movies next. I was thinking of showing them Zapped and Weekend at Bernie's....but I don't wanna be the aunt who pollutes their minds, so I'm left with family movies. Any suggestions? We're going with Goonies and Never Ending Story first.

Back to SATC....so I haven't seen it. But I still had my fair share of SATC entertainment on the internet:

Not in a hurry to line-up for this one, really.

It took me years to get over Carrie and Aidan... meaning, I was pretty much stuck watching the show when Aidan broke up with her. I dreaded the 5th and 6th season. Took me awhile to finish the series. And by then, I was already very tired of Carrie's constant search for true love...and the show's obsession for material things. Ugh, that I really hated.