02 June 2008

Glad I changed my mind about Reaper

Reaper CW TVHad started doing a marathon of the Reaper last week. I think I've said this before --- I was previously unimpressed with it. But now? I'm glad there isn't a devil hovering near me, not allowing me to have options. I'm glad I changed my mind. I'm glad for freewill! Haha.

The show is sick! Sick as in, its urban definition. Sick as in, "Yo, this show is crazy sick, man!"

It's about a guy whose soul is already the devil's property and he is stuck working for him for the rest of eternity. His job is to bring back to hell every other sinner that have escaped from it. Sounds like simple story, but it's not all that. You've got to watch it to enjoy it.

My marathon's not done yet but I'm having a great time already. I'm still on the pre-strike episodes and I know that major changes are to be expected halfway into the series. I've read some spoilers but it didn't ruin the excitement for me.

Maybe because Sock's lines are so funny. Maybe coz Sam's cute in that "aww shucks" manner --- and that always gets me. Maybe because they went all out with the effects. Maybe because this show's story is strong and solid.

Whatever it is, I'm enjoying Reaper a lot.