08 April 2014

Hello. Read me, please!

Just a notice for the few people following this blog: you can always find me on Facebook.

I have plenty in mind that I should be blogging about. But I'm in another transition, and I'm still coming to terms with the changes that's affecting my life. (I have one. I know, it's hard to believe!) But you can always, always find me on Facebook. Thanks!

30 March 2014

What's Your Number? (aka Compute the number of hours you've spent watching TV)

If you go to this website and list down all the TV shows you've watched, it will automatically compute the number of hours you've spent watching TV.

Photo from Tiii.Me

On top of my head, I immediately listed down Friends, Frasier, Friday Night Lights, The Sopranos, The Office US and UK, and then ended up with 21 days 11 hours 30 minutes for these six shows alone.

And then I stopped listing down the shows, knowing all too well my number is going to be higher than 21 days. I probably don't need the computer to tell me I've been wasting time watching TV for at least half my lifetime. So, that's 20+ years and counting...

But then, as someone pointed out on this site, Lennon once said ---

Photo credit

The quote puts this whole "watching television" in a better perspective! My life has meaning and purpose! Haha.

And you? What's your number?

The Good Wife's Josh Charles Does Dan Rydell

Oh, this is gold!

As a backgrounder, read this first, or Google up "Sports Night" or Dan Rydell.

This makes watching tomorrow's episode of The Good Wife a bit easier, I guess. Coz I'm learning to detach. Will Gardner died, but Josh Charles lives on.