26 June 2008

America does Takeshi's Castle

They're only discovering the wacky Japanese game(?) show format now, thanks to, I guess, clips from Youtube. Except they made it into their own and calls it Wipeout, which premiered the other day:

Us on the other hand? We still get to watch the original Takeshi's Castle every weekends noontime with Joey De Leon and a score of other celebrities doing the commentaries.

One thing though, people allowing themselves to look funny and silly on TV? Pathetically funny only in Japanese. In any other language or setting? It just doesn't work. This version of Takeshi's is C-O-R-N-Y!

Wipeout is an Endemol production. I hope the local channel, ABS CBN - which has a good relationship with Endemol, won't get any ideas and buys a franchise.

Stick with the Japanese original.