12 June 2008

Follow me on Twitter

After 337+++ days, my Twitter is back on my main blog.

337+++ days and 20 twits ago, I could not figure out its purpose and dismissed it as a useless tool, a nuisance.

So I stopped using it.

I stopped because (cue wah, wah, wah music) --- I don't have a lot of online friends to twitter with then, so who was I gonna be following and who was gonna follow me?

I also stopped because I'm wary of my privacy --- which explains why I have no online album nor a video scandal somewhere (bwaha!). It also explains why I've limited writing personal stuff to cryptic entries or entries that won't haunt me 2 years from now because I've blabbed too much.

If my life, as evident in my blog entries, seems to revolve around TV (and Hollywood) since those are mostly what I blog about, then now you know why.

It took my 10 year old boy to lecture me on sharing TFI (too much information) online. And back then, Twitter was TFI (it still is!).

But if that's how I feel about twittering, then why am I back on it? Why now, when Twitter's been doing badly (according to Mashable)?

Because, (still according to Mashable) Twitter, as a microblogging tool, is the best tool out there for bloggers like me. Twittering will help me with work --- like catching up on TV news using the right keywords; increasing viewership for those blogs I write that depend on big traffic; or following some of my favorite well-known TV critics/celebrities and learning news from them first and first-hand (feeling close, naks!).

And also, I'm loving Twitter now because I'm loving my really nifty browser, Flock. This one has made my online activities so much more efficient! I can search the bowels of the internet faster with it!

Here's a screen cap of my Twitter Friends on my browser (see left bar). There you are, Twitter Followers!:

I follow them with just one click. And they can follow me while I pimp my blog entries (haha! Ooops, of course I promise to use Twitter rightfully by not spamming!)

So, there.

If you are twittering, here's my profile and I will make sure to add yours.