30 April 2008

How did this happen???

I'm suddenly swamped with things to do and with little time to do it. Dunno how it happened... I've not been behind but I've been struggling with keeping a schedule. Is the summer weather pushing me to slack?

Anyway... weirdness:

On House. First episode back after the strike and I do not know what went wrong. House and Cutthroat Bitch fight for custody of Wilson. How did that happen? Why did that have to happen. And why is Wilson not saying something about it, that wuss. Not the best episode ever.

On How I Met Your Mother. Ted shows real feelings of disappointment over Barney sleeping with Ted's ex. It's weird to see that knowing how convoluted plot developments are in this series. But I like that he reacted that way and showed, actual, human emotions.

On Samantha Who? Things are getting weird for Sam and her ex-boyfriend Todd. Are they getting back together? I've been asking this question since the 3rd episode back.

On American Idol tonight, which I haven't seen yet but have already read about. Simon called it the weirdest show yet, on account of Paula.

On Law and Order SVU tonight --- it's gonna be the the first time I'm watching this show straight after it's airing, I usually just try to catch delayed episodes on cable. The reason? Robin Williams is the guest actor....so, I can't wait to see that.