22 April 2008

I interrupt this program...

Well, I just got back from....the outside world. You know, where trees, cars and buildings are. I stay cooped inside the house most days and am glued to the TV or the internet, so I seldom get to see what it's like outside our neighborhood.

I hate the traffic. I hate the heat. So, what's really there to see? It's not like this is the province, where I grew up... and I can bike on the main streets or do something refreshing like that. Although, I have not been back home for almost ten years now, things have changed there, too I'm told.

Coincidentally, today is also TURN OFF YOUR TV DAY, a yearly event that I only learned now. But because TV isn't the only medium that's keeping couch potatoes where they are, TURN OFF YOUR TV DAY is now TURN OFF 'WHATEVER GADGET' DAY.

I didn't go out because of that.

I was out because I had to earn my keep --- talk to people, close businesses. I've to do the same thing again tomorrow. :P The few times I have to do that, it has to happen on the day I'm expecting Robin Sparkles!

So, let me just get things in order here, queue the shows I'm supposed to be watching and get back to you, okay?

Oh, wait a few more things before I start my TV viewing ---
- I began to play Sims 2 again last night! I had my FRIENDS characters in there for so long, I added a new family --- HIMYM! Later, if my body's still up for it, I'm adding a couple --- Desmond and Penny (from LOST).
- I'm also checking out a new reality TV series called, THE PAPER.

Later, couchies.