22 April 2008

Funny Monday: How I Met Your Mother S3 E16, Big Bang Theory S1 E13, Samantha Who S1 E12

Alright, watching, done!

1) There's a big spoiler on How I Met Your Mother this week. I wrote it on ClickTV.

2) I did not get a lot of what went on in the Big Bang Theory tonight. They had a quiz contest and really, only geeks would be able to understand most of it. All of it.

But this line made me laugh out loud.

3) Deanna finds someone on Samantha Who? and why should she not, she's a pretty girl!

And Samantha quits her job. She's slowly discovering the kind of person she wants to be, post-amnesia.

I wish I could post more, but being out the whole day today exhausted the crap out of me. I'm gonna curl up in bed now and watch more TV.