08 April 2008

Samantha Who? S1 E10 The Girlfriend

Before the writers' strike, we know that:
  • Sam broke off with Todd and moves out
  • While Todd is still living at Sam's apartment
  • Sam realizes she still has feelings for Todd
  • Todd has a new girlfriend, Chloe

What this newest episode tells us:
  • Sam still has feelings for Todd.
  • Todd is asking for Sam's permission to let his new girlfriend, Chloe, live in the apartment
  • Sam agrees
  • Her best friend, Andrea, disagrees and tells her to plant herpes cream inside Chloe's cabinet.
  • The homeowners' board at Sam's apartment also disagrees, saying it's illegal to sublet.
So Sam moves back in with them. Just until the board gets off her back about it. Before this episode turns into a skit based on Three's Company, we then see Chloe threatening Sam while she was sleeping on the couch. And Sam tries to convince Todd his new girlfriend is evil... just like how Sam was before the amnesia.

But...love is blind I guess. Or Todd has this thing for evil women. He tells Chloe he loves her despite knowing her schemes.

And am not liking Chloe. :P

Meanwhile Sam's mother, Regina, receives this one of a kind make-up kit in the mail (there's only 1 million sold all over the world!) and convinces her daughter to do make-overs with her. But when her daughter couldn't make it, on account of the new girlfriend situation, Regina sets her eyes on Sam's other best friend, Deena.

Behold, the transformations:

Wasn't the best episode of Samantha Who. But I'm just glad this show is back on air.