26 April 2008

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I've done the recaps of this week's episode of:
  • THE OFFICE - Seriously, how dare you Ryan?! LOL!
  • LOST - it's now really the best show on TV. Ever! To be truthful, recapping this show is DIFFICULT. But nitpicking it? Learning something new about it? Food to my TV brain. It's wonderful.
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My weekend is swamped. Between a deadline, a few TV DVDs I have to finish (some are borrowed, hence the "HAVE TO") and watching other programs that aired this week --- I'm pretty beat.

Heck, I love it.

Oh, yeah...saw Ugly Betty's newest episode late last night, with Betty's bday episode. I wasn't too fond of it because Betty isn't my favorite character in the program. And this week, it was all about her. Maybe it's just me, but Ugly Betty is a lot more fun when it's not about ugly Betty.