16 April 2008

HIMYM Robin Sparkles' Sandcastles in the Sand

TV Guide reported last week:
The April 21 episode of How I Met Your Mother is turning into a wonderful '80s flashback. Already marking the return of Robin Sparkles, the outing will feature visits from former teen popstress Tiffany and Growing Pains' Alan Thicke, playing Ms. Sparkles' gal pal and father, respectively, in a newly unearthed video for "Sandcastles in the Sand," a ballad Robin wrote upon being dumped by her backup-dancer beau (Dawson's Creek's James Van Der Beek).

HIMYM co-creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas wrote and composed "Sandcastles in the Sand" as the B-side of "Let's Go to the Mall," using iconic '80s breakup ballads such as "Foolish Beat" and "Toy Soldiers" as inspiration.
Found her song! Listen to SANDCASTLES IN THE SAND

A background on Robin Sparkles, if you're just catching up on How I Met Your Mother (c/o Variety):
Sparkles is the alter ego of Robin Scherbatsky, a core character on the Eye's "How I Met Your Mother" played by Cobie Smulders. Canada's answer to Debbie Gibson made her first appearance on "HIMYM" back in November 2006 via a fake music video for the fake hit single "Let's Go to the Mall."
Last week, Cobie Smulders and the crew supposedly shot the music video for Sandcastles in the Sand in Malibu and snippets of this is expected to debut on the internet tomorrow.

April 21 is an HIMYM can't miss!